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Develop the Art of Trolling

"Troll Face" by Whynne.
“Troll Face” by Whynne.

I’m still baffled as to how the birth of this drawing, in the September of ’08, had and has such a profound impact on the web. Look at it. It lacks aesthetics and does not particularly boast simplicity either. Strangely enough, I identify with this image and understand 4chan and Reddit’s affinity towards it.

But first… Here’s a little history. Uninterested individuals, skip to paragraph four.

I’ve been web hovering for a little less than two decades and have been desensitized to a LOT of weird things. Things like Goatse and topics revolving around eels and vomit- I will spare you the details. You’re Welcome. However, there’s an exception: Stupid people.

Let me define “stupid” for a general understanding and to cut down the number of haters merited.

When I use the word “stupid”, I’m referring to ignorance and a lack of common sense. Am I stupid? Sometimes. The artist, Carlos Ramirez a.k.a. Whynne, who created “troll face” (otherwise known as “cool face”) used it as a form of satire to mock the pointless nature of trolling on 4chan forums.

A totally scientific bell curve with Troll Face. I'm proud with my attempt to draw him.
A totally scientific bell curve with Troll Face. I’m proud with my attempt to draw him.

According to him, some 4chaners would participate in debate and eventually it would get to a point where you could tell that one of them would have no idea what they were talking about. Instead of admitting defeat, they would hide behind the veil of “I’m just trollling and wanted to waste your time!” So, that’s how the web comic came about.

It was something people could relate to and laugh about. Since then its usage has evolved greatly and into a form of superior web culture (I made that last bit up to stroke my ego).

When life presents you with problems, you deal with it as best as you can.
When life presents you with problems, you deal with it as best as you can.

I wish to clarify that I do not condone the culture of bullying. The kind of “trolls” that FOX news and a lot of media outlets talk about, aren’t really the nicest form of species, and isn’t the trolls I’m referring to. The kind of trolling I enjoy is harmless mischief making and ickle pranks, although sometimes people who are unfamiliar with my antics may think I’m downright dick-ish.

Retrospectively, the art of trolling for me, didn’t stem from the “troll face” meme. It is a family legacy and it was introduced to me at a very young age by my father. He’s a troll. Sarcastic, humorous and witty. I guess that’s why I’m a strong advocate for the trolling culture and am often amused when I’m the victim of pranks.

So what has trolling taught me, and why do I think it can benefit you?

1. Stick with it and you will develop wit and patience.

To understand satire, which is a form of trolling, you need to be knowledgeable in a specific field to be able to utilize it to your advantage. For any form of mastery, you tend to build patience from the thirst of learning. The more you equip yourself with, the less you fumble.

If, however, you do not assume the role of a field expert, then you might develop the ability to articulate and be good at word play. Wit ranks high as a social commodity. It is when you are able to extract a word out of a statement and respond with a clever syntax or a one liner that you approach nirvana. Take caution that you don’t appear snarky or as an arrogant prick. It’s all about timing and delivery. Gregory House mixes things up a little. He doesn’t give a shit if he exudes “asshole” traits, because he is top notch in diagnostic medicine.

2. Confidence makes people weak in the knees

I’m generally a confident person, but there are times where I doubt myself. Especially when it comes to skills I have not yet mastered. However, when it comes to the art of trolling, I find myself in a different mindset. The ability to troll gives me some form of security blanket and confidence to rule to world.

I have used it when meeting clients before and it has always resulted in a positive outcome. I’m crediting it back to wit. If you’re willing to hone the skill, you’ll gain new ground in building up a pinnacle of confidence. Remember that if you jump head first and put yourself out there, you will be vulnerable and might take a whipping, but it will only get better.

What’s the opposite of courage? I’ve got news for you- it’s not cowardliness. It’s indifference. You can train yourself to be brave or you can hide in your little shell. Armour is of no use to a warrior if he sits at home all day. So, be a life warrior, go out there and explore! Who knows? You might make a girl or guy weak in her knees ;) Barney Stinson seems to have benefited in this arena with his “Bro Code”.

When you’re trolling, you assume another layer of personality which is not pretense or separate from the self. It’s almost like an actor on stage channeling an aura for his/her character or a salesman making you believe in his product. The only difference is you’re getting people to buy “you” in all your wholesomeness drenched with confidence.

3. Be stubborn, be thick-skinned.


My mother used to ask me always approach me with this question, “Why the hell are you so stubborn?” or advises me “Don’t be thick skinned.” I love you, mom, but being stubborn and thick skinned has opened a lot of opportunities to me. Hell, the voice inside me still tells me “I can’t do this. I’m scared shitless.”

But, I still do it and I am more than happy to make mistakes and learn. In any competitive field, what you need to do to succeed must not always be fun and will not always result in a win. Experience has been a generous teacher to me and screwing up was part of the process.

In this day and age people are either too carefree or a serious party pooper. Don’t be too serious and learn to get our more. Rigidity is not a very welcoming trait. They say you need to have a balanced, well-rounded life. That’s true, but you have to gauge your own balance. You might be someone who deals better with more work, less play or more play and less work, because productivity isn’t measured by hours spend on a task… It’s attention you spend in those hours that measure productivity.

Loosen up those buttons and chill the fuck out. Productivity and trolling are rule-breakers and do not follow the conscious mind, utilize the unconscious and be in a relaxed state during execution. Find your yin and yang, you don’t have to conform. Dehypnotize yourself from false beliefs and fears in life. Have fun and you won’t be disappointed with the change.

4. Only your opinion matters.

This seems a little egocentric, but I assure you it’s not. People who tell “Only your opinion matters” at face value are shallow. Your opinion isn’t a self sustaining entity, it relies on external sources/factors. Some of which are the views of others and paradigms that are formed by different schools of thought.

You pick and choose what is logical to you or what you want to believe, and that forms an opinion. It could be an opinion with no argument (lazy/ indifferent people often times choose this route), but I’m sure Lifehack Malaysia doesn’t attract that kind of readership. *scoffs*

At the end of the day, you need to defend your views and beliefs. Accept that other people are entitled to their beliefs and respect them. Don’t be fickle with your stance on issues. Change is healthy, if and only if, it makes sense to you and is backed up by a valid and sound argument. Don’t wait for it. Explore and develop the skills you’ve learned from the art of trolling!


Idea 2: StumbleUpon for Food Delivery

Food Panda App (India) for iOS7
Food Panda App (India) for iOS7

I have a confession to make. I have a love-hate relationship with food apps. (I’m sorry, Food  Panda). 

What do I love?

I love that I can be lazy and order food whenever I want. I love that mobile payments are finally available within app! I also love that I am able to save my orders and re-order it another day, saving time.

What do I hate?

The look and feel of the apps. It feels like I am looking at Amazon for food app (clunky look and feel, lots of buttons, reviews everywhere, stars). I know that it’s probably tweaked for conversions not human beings. 

I strongly feel that app makers forget that people are the ones purchasing the food  which means that decisions are made based on their senses.

So, here’s my second idea:

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Sleep Hygiene – is NOT about having a clean bed!

DISCLAIMER: I am neither a medical professional or a health expert. All content written is based on research and self-experimentation.

Do you wish you could have a good surge of energy throughout the day without feeling like a constant energy dump? It may be plausible that you’re not sleeping well even though you think you’re getting enough sleep. Just because some of your friends can make do with six hours or less, doesn’t mean we are all from the same cookie cutter sleep profile. You simply may not be practicing good sleep hygiene.

Contrary to what my gaming peers thought, sleep hygiene isn’t about taking a shower and being immaculately clean before bed (even though that’s important too). Instead, sleep hygiene is about creating an optimal environment for your body to increase your chances in having a good night’s sleep. It’s more complex and scientific than we all think since it involves hormonal control which does some heavy lifting with the biological process. Just a few tweaks here and there can mean a world of a difference. This article aims to give you a basic understanding and provide you with the fundamentals behind sleep hygiene.

With all other variables held constant: The less you sleep, the shorter your life span
With all other variables held constant: The less you sleep, the shorter your life span

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The Pomodoro Technique: How a Tomato Could HELP You Become Hyper productive!

The Superhero Productivity Blueprint 2 I have 25 minutes on my pomodoro timer.

Note: I have been using the Pomodoro Technique for the last 7 years. As a result, I believe that I am somewhat well-versed when it comes to this technique which I have taught many. I have written a blog post about it previously and now I would like to share it here and address as many questions as possible.

What is Pomodoro?

The Pomodoro is a simple tool used to increase focus with 25 minutes of activity followed by a 5-minute break before resuming another cycle. A long break of 20 minutes is scheduled after 4 cycles to allow for memory consolidation and energy recuperation.

Here is a video on how the technique works :Continue Reading